Friday, April 9, 2010

I love my man, ah he is so amazing. Yesterday we had a super intense conversation about what he wants to do for the rest of his life, which is kinda weird because for once I was in charge. He is weary about going back to school, but he really has no reason to be.

1. He is absolutely overqualified.
2. He has tons of business experience under his belt.
3. I have absolute faith in him.

I can only hope to make him half as proud as he makes me. I never could have asked for a more driven and goal seeking man n my life. I truly have been blessed.

So lets get to the bottom of things: I want to marry him. Seriously. After almost four months of talking every single day, meeting up for spankings and some TLC, I really have fallen in love with him. I've dated guys before, and I always thought about marriage. But maybe like one time during the relationship. Just the thought. With Alex, it isn't a thought, it is a goal. He is the man I will spend the rest of my life with, I am one hundred percent sure he is. Goodness love hit me fast.

On May 17th I am flying down to see him, boy am I excited. We already have so much fun stuff planned out, including the zoo! I am particularly excited about that, I love animals so much.

I love being his girlfriend, he really is one of the most mannered and sweet tempered boys I have ever met. It is so nice to just lay with him and snuggle. My arms wrapped around his neck, our legs stacked one of mine one of his one of mine one of his. It is so relaxing and loving. Goodness I can't wait to be his again.

I do love being his little girl though, and he has become extremely good at age play since he realized that age play is probably the only way I will submit :) He talks about my spankings and how I will be transformed from my 20 to my teens, and treated like a little girl. Age play to me is a form of embarrassment and discipline, Daddy putting me over his know or inspected my little pussy before I go to bed. MMM. I can't wait. Goodness, I get wet just sitting here writing this. He is so wonderful.

We are defiantly a Domestic Discipline Couple. It is the marriage and lifestyle commitment I have dreamed about since I was a child. Finally we can have it together.


  1. It is true, I never felt so vulnerable. Yet I honestly felt loved and cared for. You were embarrassed about telling me about the age play you liked... but now look, we both enjoy it. I'll make sure you get the discipline and love you need.

  2. Sometimes I reads things on spanking blogs that just cause me to smile and make me happy. This is one such - a lovely, wonderful post that will surely cheer up anyone reading it, and make them happy for you too.

    I met my wonderful wife online through the soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup, before we first met in person back in 2001. And it's really lovely to read of others finding their life partner via the spanking web. I hope you two as as happy together and as good for one another as we are.