Friday, April 9, 2010

I love my man, ah he is so amazing. Yesterday we had a super intense conversation about what he wants to do for the rest of his life, which is kinda weird because for once I was in charge. He is weary about going back to school, but he really has no reason to be.

1. He is absolutely overqualified.
2. He has tons of business experience under his belt.
3. I have absolute faith in him.

I can only hope to make him half as proud as he makes me. I never could have asked for a more driven and goal seeking man n my life. I truly have been blessed.

So lets get to the bottom of things: I want to marry him. Seriously. After almost four months of talking every single day, meeting up for spankings and some TLC, I really have fallen in love with him. I've dated guys before, and I always thought about marriage. But maybe like one time during the relationship. Just the thought. With Alex, it isn't a thought, it is a goal. He is the man I will spend the rest of my life with, I am one hundred percent sure he is. Goodness love hit me fast.

On May 17th I am flying down to see him, boy am I excited. We already have so much fun stuff planned out, including the zoo! I am particularly excited about that, I love animals so much.

I love being his girlfriend, he really is one of the most mannered and sweet tempered boys I have ever met. It is so nice to just lay with him and snuggle. My arms wrapped around his neck, our legs stacked one of mine one of his one of mine one of his. It is so relaxing and loving. Goodness I can't wait to be his again.

I do love being his little girl though, and he has become extremely good at age play since he realized that age play is probably the only way I will submit :) He talks about my spankings and how I will be transformed from my 20 to my teens, and treated like a little girl. Age play to me is a form of embarrassment and discipline, Daddy putting me over his know or inspected my little pussy before I go to bed. MMM. I can't wait. Goodness, I get wet just sitting here writing this. He is so wonderful.

We are defiantly a Domestic Discipline Couple. It is the marriage and lifestyle commitment I have dreamed about since I was a child. Finally we can have it together.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Big 20 :)

Well let's play a game shall we? Its called: UPDATE.

The biggest news in my life is that I have been bitten by the love bug. Not only is this bug venomous, but he is terribly irresistible. I have fallen in love, and I could not be happier.

Alex and I met on which is probably the best place to meet fellow spanking addicts such as yourselves. We started talking very much, and soon after he had planned on coming to visit me during Spring Break. To be honest, when Alex & I first started talking it was primarily spanking but I was secretly crushing on him too. The first day we met we had a pretty good date, we kind of clicked. But it wasn't till the end of his trip that we discovered how amazingly perfect each other was. Of course there was some spanking involved, it didn't take him but 15 minutes to put me over his knee. Haha. But the spanking just seemed to add onto the fact that we are very much alike. I am in love and I cannot wait to see were our futures lead us together.

The spankings during his trip were pretty amazing. It had been quite a long time since I could play my alter ego "little girl" and be a bratty little girl to Daddy. I'm sure he enjoyed spanking me, and I didn't hesitate to earn one either. Though, I did squirm quite a lot sometimes. That was all my fault. Alex had been making me give myself spankings over Skype in order to "condition" me for his spankings. Sometimes I was very naughty and refused to take them. I'm just a learning little baby though. Alex likes when I play the submissive girl, which is honestly pretty hard for me to play. I'm used to fighting everything Daddy says, but he is training me well. We do like to role play and have fun sexy spankings. We usually end up laughing a ton. Thats one thing I absolutely cherish about Alex, he respects me as a little goof ball. I have never been so compatible with someone in my life. All I want to do is make him proud of me and become the best girlfriend he could ever have. He only deserves the best. I am without a doubt sure that he is my soul mate.

Moving on.. school is crazy. Too many projects. Not to mention my procrastination has become increasingly terrible this semester. Alex is trying to help me with it though, which will get me to the story I want to tell tonight.

About two months ago I was assigned a project for one on my classes. This included 30 week by week journals and a big paper that was due today. I had worked on it some but obviously had not set the proper time aside to do it. Naughty little Alexia. Alex being the sweetheart he is promised he would help me with some of my work. So at about 10:30pm last night I was stressed out of my mind begging him to help me. He wrote 5 journals for me while I slopped together a 6 page paper in 4 hours. He promised to help, but with conditions. I was told to put an hour aside for him today, in which I would be disciplined. After I thought about it for 3 minutes I though about calling it off, Alex have never taken mercy on my bottom.

I finished my work, called him before I drifted off. I could tell the disappointment in his voice, and I was anxious about what would be happening today. Luckily Folks, I'm still alive.

After my classes I called Alex, and I immediately got on Skype like he instructed me. The first 100 strokes or so I had to do with my hand while he watched. I was laying on my tummy on my bed, and my embarrassment showed as I hid my face. He lectured me and asked me many questions. I wasn't very sorry at first, but I did end up breaking down. I was placed in various positions while I was being spanked, like standing up bare bottomed while I took the hairbrush to myself, or in the corner with my hand and the hairbrush. I was even bent over the bed too. The spankings were very painful, I do have some bruises left on my bottom, which it the FIRST time I have ever bruised. But the worst pain, was that I really did acknowledge that I was a bad girl. I disappointed myself, my boyfriend, and my family by being a procrastinator. At times during my serious punishment, I would cry. Especially when I thought how disappointed my real Daddy would be if he knew that I was not giving my best. Even writing about this right now gets me sniffly. Alex really does care about me, and I know he does because he does things like this. All in all I think I took about 400 smacks with my hand and the hairbrush combined. I consider myself pretty lucky to have gotten off that easy. I know if Alex would have been here the spanking and tears would have been much worse. I did learn my lesson though, I'm aching to prove myself to him soon. He has drastically changed my life for the better.

As a little present, I went out and bought a wooden paddle at the craft store. It is like a fraternity paddle I suppose. For the longest time I thought "Being spanked with a wooden plank is so stupid.. I bet it doesn't even hurt". I had never planned on being spanked with one, just because I thought I would probably end up laughing. Boy was I wrong. I spanked myself a total of 30 times tonight on Skype with my baby. I rarely could follow one stroke after another, because they sting terribly bad. I would squirm and buckle a lot, and that was just from me doing it. I am extremely excited for Alex to spank me with it, only if I am bent over his knee though:)

Alex knows how to spank me right. I love over the knee spankings, and I love lots of scolding. Corner time and time outs add so much embarrassment to the punishment for me. I love to be treated like a little girl. I adore rules and consequences and bed times. I super like having my mouth washed out with soap, or being caught in a fib. I love being told to get ready for bed, or when Daddy checks my homework. The more I am watched over, the better the spanking. Thats probably why I act like a brat before the spanking, I want less control. The smaller I feel, the more submissive I get.

I will try to keep up with blogging everyday. I quite miss it. As for now I have finals coming up, and after that summer break. May 17 I am reunited with the most amazing man I have ever met. Hopefully many more spanking stories to come. Lets just hope the involve more smiles and less disappointing people.

P.S.- I am so blessed to have Alex. He will never understand how much better I am because I have him in my life. My soul mate <3